About us

Founded by Priya Jangra, Tradsew is the culmination of a dream supported deeply by her family and friends. Priya's keen eye for fashion trends and her love for traditional wear are the cornerstones of Tradsew. The brand embodies the spirit of the modern Indian woman who values comfort, embraces modernity, yet holds her traditional roots close to her heart. Through Tradsew, we aim to cater to those who cherish India's rich textile heritage while navigating the contemporary world with grace and style.

Tradsew's journey began with a simple idea of catering to the evolving fashion needs of friends, quickly transforming into a trendsetting endeavor. From its origins as a small Instagram page, Tradsew swiftly expanded, amassing a dedicated customer base of over 500 clients within just three months of launching its website. This growth underscores Tradsew's commitment to offering the latest in fashion, while fostering a community that values both style and tradition.